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Anna loves Tennis. She is beautiful tennis player. She is so fashionable that deserves to dress up like fashion tennis girl. So please change her clothes as much fashionable you ca..
Jennifer Rose is a young and chic babysitter who takes care of many cute kids who are all crazy about her. But Jennifer also has a boyfriend who loves her so much that he cannot st..
We love macaroni so much that we decided to create a salad using them. It’s going to be the most delish salad ever tasted! All you have to do is to boil the macaroni, mix some sp..
There’s a new model in town and every magazine wants to use her for the first page. This summer this girl will be seen everywhere. She has a cute face, amazing hair and let’s n..
Would you like to work for a famous magazine? This is your chance girls! We need someone brilliant, with lots of cool ideas and with an amazing fashion and gossip sense. Become a f..
Our beloved celebrities have gathered for the greatest award of the year, but with all their emotions running wild, nobody can focus on the great show to come! Yet... there is one ..
Paris is the most romantic city in the world. And at night, the young lovers and friends turn the metropolis upside down with their parties and joys for life! Spend your time explo..
It's time for you to adventure into a glamorous world of nail design, for the most fabulous wedding ever seen! It's fancy, it's glitter and it's sparkling everywhere! So sit back, ..
Welcome in a dressup competition. Everything you need to do is to select the correct clothes and colors for each girl as it is required in the small left image. When you have selec..
ello kids and welcome to Lisa's Food Shop. In this serving food game you must prove that you are fast enough to prepare fast food.Lisa, she's the owner of this fast food and she's ..
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